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FOG – What is it and can I fly?

With fog blanketing the south of England this week causing widespread disruption, we look at what fog is and what condition’s Private Aircraft need to operate.

What is Fog?

Fog is formed by water droplets forming in the air that can contain up to 0.5ml of water per cubic meter, with the officially definition of fog being a visibility of less than 1000m. If you can see more than 1000m with visible moisture droplets in the air then this is technically mist.

What conditions do I need to take off and Land?

A typical Private Aircraft needs 550m visibility to land. To take off the aircraft needs 400m visibility or 125m if the airport of departure has Low Visibility Procedures in force and the flight crew have been low visibility trained in the simulator. Low Visibility Procedure include enhanced lighting and limiting ground movements to ensure safety in the conditions. This is often why you will see some cancellations at foggy airports whilst some aircraft are departing.

Private aircraft offer a huge advantage in these conditions, due to the flexibility in the schedule to be able to depart earlier and delay or to offer passengers alternate airport options where conditions may be better.

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